Inoue Hajime


Inoue Hajime of TCB jeans moved to Okayama to follow his passion, Denim. Inoue-san takes the denim game very seriously. For anyone that has a high level of passion about all things denim this is the brand that you have been waiting for.

Taking Care of Business since 2012, Inoue-san began his training some fifteen years earlier as an eager apprentice. Hailing from Hiroshima, Inoue-san's infectious appetite for all things vintage and denim led him to the holy grail, Okayama Prefecture. Here Inoue-san's skill, humbleness and dedication led not only to his own label, but also in lending his expertise to other prestigious brands. Much like TCB was to Elvis, Inoue-san is for denim a new lease of life.

Creating the best vintage inspired denim we've seen and keeping it simple, TCB offers pure, no frills denim the old way. Also known as "Two Cats Brand" and featuring cats on the tag labels, a nod to Inoue-san's love of felines, and further adds to the personal touches which go into each garment. Working from a small scale workshop in Kojima , Okayama, an area famed for its great denim, Inoue-san can often be found sewing away, teaching the next generation of jean makers in Japan.

A few trusted trained workers construct each piece, all derived from Inoue-san's vast vintage collection.