The Miyamoto Division


We are a multi-channel web-gallery and concept store that curates and supplies objects that combine Japanese tradition with modern design in the forms of various artisanal works.

Contemporary Japanese artisans and designers have applied the traditions of simplicity, elegance, and harmony to a broad spectrum of goods beautifully crafted, well designed and most of which are handcrafted by artisans working out of small, family run studios and employing highly sophisticated production methods and age old ancient techniques passed down from master craftsmen for generations. Most of these works are unique; and no two pieces are the same.

We at The Miyamoto Division deal closely and directly with each individual artisan, we learn about each stage of the production, their techniques, methods and styles they use and apply. By doing this we can bring you the story behind each piece of art work, and hope to enlighten the user and help build appreciation for the arts and its origins.

We are not focused on current trends or anticipating what the market prefers but instead we like to delight you by bringing new discoveries of things we love and use daily.


Our mission is to keep these ancient traditions alive and to preserve their arts for the cultural and intellectual appreciation and enjoyment of future generations to come.