Concept Image Geta Japanese Aesthetics Wabi Sabi The Miyamoto Division
To strip something down to its perfect form. Take away all the unnecessary and leave the essence exposed (Minimalism)
To see beauty on the worn and old, or broken and repaired, nothing goes to waste. Mottainai (Eco-friendly/Sustainable)
To realize and appreciate the perfection of imperfection (Acceptance)
Nothing remains the same, everything changes (Impermanence)
To develop “Mushin” (No mind - Mindfulness - Mastery)
These are the core values and ideals of the Japanese aesthetics, its art, and the perception of the philosophy of Wabi-Sabi 侘寂.

The Miyamoto Division aims to curate and bring these abstract Japanese concepts and works of art closer to everyone’s life to be shared and enjoyed in a sustainable manner throughout the world.

We are not focused on current trends or anticipating what the market prefers but instead we like to delight you by bringing new discoveries of things we love and use daily.


Our mission is to keep these ancient traditions alive and to preserve their arts for the cultural and intellectual appreciation and enjoyment of future generations to come.